LYFLE helps you save time and money

From paper to application

There will undoubtedly be countless situations where it is better to use good old paper and pencil. But complex tasks related to running a preschool are not one of them.

How much time will you need to enroll a newly admitted child in a paper card? Ten minutes? Thanks to electronic pre-enrolment, all data is transferred automatically to LYFLE. Just mark the child as admitted.

Do not make your life complicated! Simplify!

Several applications in one

A typical preschool uses several apps to communicate with parents, another to manage the registry, another to share photos, and an extra one to record attendance. LYFLE offers all this and much more in a single app.

You don’t have to use several different apps and put information together in a complicated way. You don’t have to constantly switch between them and log in. You don’t have to pay a license for each service when it only offers you partial solutions.

You can actually have ONLY ONE application – LYFLE.


Hana Krejčová, MŠ Meziškolská, Praha

We have only the best experience with LYFLE. It is definitely a great help in communication between the preschool and parents – excuses, school events, important reminders – we immediately know who has viewed and noted the notification.