Does LYFLE replace personal communication with parents?

Face-to-face conversation is and will remain the most important method of communication between the preschool and parents. However, LYFLE allows you to move the day-to-day operational agenda into the app and spend much more time with parents on what matters most – the development of children and personal relationships.

How is LYFLE better than a website or Facebook?

In LYFLE, notifications go to parents’ smartphones just like text messages, so the preschool can easily reach a much higher percentage of informed parents. The website needs to be actively checked by the parent for any new information. Facebook, on the other hand, is complicated from a security perspective because it owns all the data you put into it. In addition, neither the website nor Facebook will offer you a range of other features.

Is the app complicated to use? I have retired teachers.

We worked with several preschool to develop LYFLE to make sure it would be easy to use for them. This makes sending a notification easier than writing an email. It is very intuitive to use and easy to learn even for someone who is not very friendly with computers.

Does the app send a message to both of the child’s legal guardians?

Yes. One of the advantages of LYFLE is that both parents are informed. It does not happen that one of the parents does not have the necessary information, for example because of alternate care. On the other hand, you can also send the notification to the parent’s new partner if he or she is the child’s legal guardian.

How has LYFLE dealt with security?

We sign a Processing Agreement and a Non-Disclosure Agreement with each nursery. The agreements are written in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and approved by the Data Protection Officer. All data is stored on high security servers. More about security.

Do parents have access to the personal data of directors and teachers?

No way. LYFLE keeps the data of all users strictly separated and each user has access only to his/her own personal data. There is no need to worry about a parent getting access to the private numbers of the preschool staff.

We don’t want to commit right away, can we try LYFLE first?

Of course. You have the opportunity to use LYFLE without any restrictions for one month, completely free of charge. I want to try LYFLE for free.