About LYFLE application

LYFLE can do a lot. Announcements, attendance, excuses, photo galleries, surveys, classroom, registry, GDPR and much more. All easily accessible in one app.


LYFLE — App for kindergarten



Bulk notifications to one or more classes

Thanks to LYFLE, parents always have up-to-date information about what is happening in the kindergarten on their mobile phones. Parents only see notifications that are directly relevant to their children. You have an instant overview of which parent has read the notification.


Attendance and excuses

You can mark a child as present or excused with a click. Parents only need a few seconds to create an excuse slip. The teacher will know why the child was absent, the cook will prepare one less lunch.

LYFLE — attendance


Photo gallery

You can upload photos from the fancy dress party directly from your phone to LYFLE. They will be automatically grouped by class and month when you uploaded them. Parents will only see photos from the relevant class.



You can create a simple question or a more complex questionnaire in no time. In the app, you can immediately see how individual parents voted and the aggregate results of the entire poll.

LYFLE — surveys


Sharing documents

Need to send homework to preschoolers, share organizational changes with parents, or attach a long list to an announcement? There’s nothing easier, you select the file and share it in a few clicks.



In LYFLE you have an electronic classroom where you can pre-define the most commonly used formulas so you don’t have to write them again every day. You can export all records for inspection according to the SEVT standard.


Records of children, parents, teachers, classes…

LYFLE can fully replace your existing registry. You can easily and clearly manage the records of the kindergarten, children and their parents, classes, clubs, teachers, etc.

LYFLE — register


Record exports

All your data is safely and securely stored in LYFLE. However, you may need some of them in paper form. LYFLE allows you to export all necessary records in xls, csv or pdf formats.


Electronic pre-enrollment

LYFLE’s electronic pre-enrollment can be completed in a moment. Parents fill in the form whenever it is convenient for them. Enrolled children’s data is automatically entered into the app.

If your preschool uses Zápis do škol, we have good news for you. Thanks to our mutual partnership, you can easily import your school enrollment data into LYFLE.

LYFLE — Předzápis


Barbora Konečná, MŠ Dobrovského, Brno

The LYFLE app has accelerated communication between us and parents. I like the fact that I can write information for parents on my mobile phone, somewhere on the road. At the same time, we enjoy the attendance, we can already find out who is coming and who is not from home before work.


Hana Krejčová, MŠ Meziškolská, Praha

We have only the best experience with LYFLE. It is definitely a great help in communication between the kindergarten and parents – excuses, school events, important reminders – we immediately know who has viewed and noted the notification. The photo gallery has solved our problem of storing photos of children from various school events – GDPR – originally on the school website.