Security & Privacy



LYFLE is a highly secure app that employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect user data. It is fully compliant with GDPR regulations, ensuring that user privacy is respected and protected.

GDPR certificate


Access authorization

LYFLE features a robust system of user roles that allows administrators to control access to sensitive data and functionalities based on the user’s role and responsibilities.


Non-public communication

Unauthorized access is prevented through strict authentication and authorization protocols, ensuring that only authorized users can access and manipulate data within the system. In addition, LYFLE’s strict access controls ensure that no one outside of the app, including unauthorized third parties, can access user data, providing an extra layer of protection against data breaches and privacy violations.


Jaromíra Pavlíčková, MŠ Revoluční, Praha

We have been using the LYFLE application in our kindergarten for the second year and we are very satisfied with it. It is very simple and intuitive to use. We can highly recommend LYFLE to anyone who is considering it.