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Improve communication with parents

How to communicate with parents remotely? Via the web? By email? Facebook? SMS? No, it’s better to have all the information in one place. And that’s exactly what LYFLE can help you with.

What LYFLE can do


Save time and money

Thanks to LYFLE, you can save up to several hours of time per month on unnecessary administration. You no longer have to use several different applications and put information together in a complicated way. You only need one tool.

How to save money


Secure sensitive personal data

With LYFLE you can put GPDR out of your mind. All data is secured in accordance with EU directives.

What we do for security


Protect your privacy

No more evening phone calls to your private numbers. Thanks to LYFLE, parents always have an overview of everything that is happening in the preschool. All the information is neatly stored on their mobile phones and they can refer back to it at any time.


Jitka Schulzová, MŠ Anny Drabíkové, Praha

Great app, we are very happy with it. Fast transfer of information to all parents. It’s a really big help in communicating with parents.


Lubos Tymer

Super fast communication with the preschool, I just simply excused my son from attendance at the preschool tomorrow. For us it is very useful – it’s so easy to use app. 👍 Thank you for it.