LYFLE is more than communication

Do you want Can LYFLE do it?
to send information to one or more groups at a time? check
to share photos to members and parents at the same time? check
to send a survey to the parents of all your children? check
to accept excuses for dates from parents or older children? check
to have all the documents for you and your parents in one place? check
to have an overview of who communicates for themselves and for whom parents make decisions? check
to see a summary of attendance by group? check
to keep a record of all members, including contact details of their representatives? check
to make a coffee? coming soon :-)

LYFLE will entertain you! All this in one app!

LYFLE is a modern tool that solves:

groupmembership registration
imagesharing documents and photos

Price list

1 USD / member / month
10 USD / member / year




Jitka Žaloudková, TS Demo

The LYFLE app has helped us to speed up the process of filling in the attendance form during the lesson, the lecturers only need a few clicks. It is also very convenient for the management of dance groups that have multiple locations and a number of teachers, it simplifies the process of getting information about lessons and their progress, it is easy to find the necessary information about attendance in one place without complicated internal communication. At the moment, however, the app still has some shortcomings for dance schools, which we firmly believe will soon be resolved by the experts at this company.


Hana Pokorná, MŠ Pouzdřany, okres Břeclav

I am very satisfied with LYFLE. It saves me time, the message and photos are with the parents immediately and I get feedback on whether they like it and whether the parents have seen the message or photos.


Mgr. Zuzana Kljapová, ředitelka MŠ Březová, okres Beroun

After about a year of experience with the LYFLE application, I can say that it has proven itself. Sharing information, photos or apologizing to children is used by parents and teachers almost daily. I like that the app is still evolving and coming up with new features that make our work easier. Keep it up.


Dance studio B-Fresh
Dance studio Emotion
Easy Dance


How can I get LYFLE?
Fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you and prepare a fully functional test version.

How do you ensure security?
Safety and ease of use are the main focus for us.

Can I try LYFLE in live operation with parents?
Sure, trial version is free for 30 days with no restrictions, so you can try everything you need.


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